Fold co is a South Florida based design and image making company specializing in modern branding, graphic design, publications, and art direction. Our work reflects connections with various businesses, culture sectors and the arts. 

Fold co was created in 2015 by Anthony Scime. After working for several years as a freelance graphic designer and Illustrator, a decision was made to create a network to collaborate with other creative individuals with common interests. Anthony is also a contemporary artist with work being shown in South Florida art galleries as well as national art events like Spectrum Miami, Art Expo New York and Art Hamptons. His online art portfolio is


● Branding & Identity
● Posters & Signage
● Art Direction
● Design Strategy
● Packaging
● Books & Publications
● Advertising & Promotionals
● Art & Illustration
● Web Design with Squarespace
● Design & Creative Inspiration